Chinese Christmas Tree

It’s already my second winter in China, but this year my and my husband will fly back to Poland to spend Christmas and New Year there with my family. As I said in previous posts, although the temperatures in Suzhou are not as low as in Poland, high humidity and lack of any kind of central heating make those few winter months really harsh. To make up for this  I started thinking of Christmas in late November. Now I have my lovely Christmas tree, and spending long, cold evenings alongside it feels much better. Anyway, last year we still lived in a rented apartment, I didn’t have any Christmas tree and because of lack of kitchen equipment I could not cook any food. We spent last year’s Christmas Eve in a hotel, enjoying a Christmas feast, as Chinese cooks imagined it. Wasn’t bad, but definately lacking atmosphere. People in China are starting to celebrate Christmas in some ways, there is background Christmas music when shopping (chinese favourites are Mariah Carey and that sort of pop bands), shops are offering small, ugly, fake trees and Starbucks is selling delicious winter selection drinks. You get the idea. Now, I keep on making traditional western and polish comfort food. I’ve been making a looot of potatoes, thanks God my husband loves eating them. He only insists on eating hot chinese breakfast, like meat noodles:)

Have a lovely December everyone! Keep on making amazing Christmas treats !;)

7 thoughts on “Chinese Christmas Tree

  1. Do you also live in Suzhou? 🙂
    We are moving to a new apartment next week and finally after 7 years in China I will have an oven :_) I will try some of your recipes, but I am a disaster in the kitchen 😀


      1. Hahaha yes, I didn´t plan it but I ended up staying all these years 🙂

        In Suzhou I have been almost 3 years. But now during the week I live in Shanghai, as I just started a new job here.

        Do you work in Suzhou?


      2. Yes, not many jobs for foreigners in Suzhou unless you have a high profile in the industry or you are a white native English speaker and want to be a teacher… I ended up moving to Shanghai from Mon to Fri, I found a job here…


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